We believe in better service delivery and customer satisfaction for adopting customer centric approach. We remain in constant touch with the emerging state of the art technologies and Innovations. We welcome customer’s feedback and suggestion. We analyzed and try new techniques and methods to resolve the emerging problems with profound professional acumen.


Our representative conducts an initial survey to analyze the size and the issues facing your premises. This is very important so that we can hit the ground running in the cleaning phase. We consider the number of rooms, the various issues for each room, the time it will take to clean each room and the number of people needed to clean. Given the holistic and diligent approach towards a deep clean we strongly believe that a survey phase will help us clean your house better.


Not all stains are created equal. Since each room has its own type of unique stains we approach each room differently. For example, stains on glasses and windows need to be removed with soft hand and mild cleaning agents that will not affect the window frames and glasses but stains in your kitchen need to be scrubbed out with harder cleaning agents. Our cleaning experts are trained to use different cleaning agents and cleaning techniques to address various types of long term stains and accumulated dirt for each room.


Once the cleaning phase is completed, our representative ensures proper attention to often ignored items such as knobs, handles, switchboards etc. These aspects are often overlooked during regular cleanings and sometimes during deep cleanings as well. Our detailed checklist ensures that we don’t leave any stains behind. During the highlighting phase, we also tell you various changes you can implement in your house such that it stays deep cleaned for a longer period.