Better Ways to Train Small Business Employees

A solid, effective training program doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, simpler is better; it lets employees focus on mastering skills instead of processing a flood of information. Here are seven essential parts for creating a quick and effective training system for your business.

Train the Trainer
First, designate who will be in charge of training for each job role: the business owner, the department manager, or the outgoing employee. Decide how long training should last and the details of how the responsible party should manage the process, including how much reporting you’ll want if you’re not the one doing the training. Unlike new employees, you’ll only have to train the trainer once.

Make a List
Write down every element of the training. You’ll want to record each job’s tasks, notes on company policies and culture, and how to’s for necessary tools. With each new hire, you’ll then be able to follow the appropriate list to complete essential training without frustration or lost time.