Choosing The Best Massage Recliner Chair: Understanding The Benefits


Physical discomfort can be a real issue even amongst young people. Pain can originate from a number of places such as your bones, muscles, nerves or joint. Pinpointing sources of discomfort is rather complex; however, the best massage recliner chair soothes these areas.

These issues can be caused because of a number of any reasons, from prolonged strain working out, lifting too much, sitting or lying down too long (especially when done with poor posture), or even carrying heavy backpacks for extended periods.

Upper body relief can assist with rounded shoulders while lower body treatment corrects sciatica pain. Sciatica pain being nerve pain in the lower back which can run down the length of the lower body and down the leg. Slipped or herniated disks, in other words incorrectly placed vertebrae along the length of the spine, can also be targeted. These problems originate when the softer internal spine core tears through the tougher exterior.

Many sport related back pain injuries result from soft tissue damage; strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments supporting the spine.

A massage recliner chair is a worthwhile one-time investment. It gives you convenient relief upon request at lower costs than professional therapists.

When purchasing such devices, there are a number of things to consider, including:

  • Recline angle
  • Kneading options
  • Customisation features
  • Price

We will explore each of these factors when considering a purchase.


Recline Angle

The more body weight on the massage mechanism, the more effective the massage. Selecting a product with good tilt angles, maximizes the body weight and pressure placed on kneading mechanisms. Adjusting the angles also helps to target all parts of your body – the upper and lower body.

Many high-end massage recliner chairs allow you to lie down completely offering maximum comfort.

For maximum effectiveness, massage recliner chairs should be correctly sized. Shoulder length should be wide enough with shoulders relaxed and the head erect. The waist area should also be snug but securely supported so the pelvis area can be targeted.

Modern massage recliner chairs offer the ability to adjust cushion configuration. Ensuring your body is well suited for effectiveness is very important. Choosing a massage recliner chair over the chair pads, whilst more expensive, will usually wield greater results.


Kneading Options

Know your body well before purchasing. Think about common pain areas and which acupressure options will be most effective. Different models offer various therapies. Kneading, rapid percussion, rolling or pressure are the most common of these.

High end massage recliner chair models feature compartments to rest arms and legs for comfort. These separate slots use airbags to create virtual muscle compression. The most common mechanical method used is inbuilt rollers or balls which are used to pressure and target different muscle groups.


Customisation features

When purchasing, consider how your needs may change over time. A highly customised massage recliner chair allows it to adapt to your ongoing and changing needs. High customisation also allows others to effectively use the product.

Different reflex programs can be inputted and into the computer memory for use by different people making for convenient use between different family members.

A wide variety of new therapeutic features are now available. Therapeutic heat can be used by heating the unit up. The system can arch itself, stretching the back out, twisting and widening the hip to create relief. Furthermore, massage recliner chairs can occupy large volumes of space. Models with space-saving designs can be selected, with abilities to fold.



Many of these judgements will be determined by budget. Individual units can be categorised into three main groups: value-priced, mid-range and finally, high-end.