Choosing Your Next Hot Water Cylinder


When you are making the decision to get your current hot water cylinder repaired or replaced it is very important that you are choosing someone who is qualified to do the job correctly.  These professionals know the business inside and out and will be able to give you recommendations on which system and size would be the most appropriate for your household.

Choosing a new hot water cylinder can be quite the task as this will essentially be a part of your life for a very long time (if you choose the right unit of course). To make the decision making process a lot easier for you we have come up with a short but sweet guide to help you with every avenue you should be considering.


What type of system do you have?

Mains pressure systems are the most used throughout the world due to their safety and ability to get the job done to the level that you need. Other systems may be used around the world due to different regulations and climates (such as low pressure). For New Zealand however, even though you can install different systems the most common is still the main pressure system. They are usually powered by a stainless steel hot water cylinder as they provide many other benefits.

For starters newly built homes are made with mains pressure taps and pipes which means it is a lot easier to install these types of hot water cylinder. Additionally the stainless steel variants are super durable to the point where many manufacturers will throw in a 10 year warranty with them. For many households, money will be the deciding factor on which unit you should be purchasing. If you are buying a cheaper unit that needs to be repaired and/or replaced every couple of months you will find that the bill will ultimately be higher than if you bought a good quality one at the start.

They come with the specs required to provide high pressure in all of your taps including the shower and sink. The best part is as well that with a mains pressure hot water cylinder, when someone is running the tap in one room the temperature or pressure won’t be affected in the others. This is great for households with large families.


Factors to consider

There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing a hot water cylinder that many people often overlook. For starters how many people are in your household is a big one.

People in your home

The more people in your home the more heated H2O you will ultimately use. Form such you should be picking a tank with a high enough capacity to keep everyone happy. This factor however also goes both ways as if you live alone, you don’t want to pay for a huge tank and bill that you simply won’t use. Finding that middle ground is one of the most important factors that you need to decide upon.


Where you will be planning on keeping the hot water cylinder is also another factor that many people tend to forget about. You will have to have it on your property somewhere so deciding where it will go may affect your final decision. Outdoor units tend to be bigger as you have more room to work with. Ask your appointed installer their opinion before you make any final decisions. The last thing you want to happen is that you have invested all this time and money into a system that simply won’t meet your expectations.