The backbone of life-Family

Family forms the basic unit of the society. The question arises what is a ‘family’? Does family includes only those people who are either related by blood or by affinity; or the word has some deeper meaning attached to it. As per some people, the family includes parents and their children whereas some includes friends, relatives and neighbors also in their family. There is one more group which feels that all the individuals are children of God, hence this entire world is nothing but one big family. Wow! What a beautiful thought. If every individual starts believing this, then the life will be so peaceful and beautiful. There will be no space left for poverty, hunger, and hatred.
Family stands for love, strong bonding, and understanding. The family is the support system of every individual. Each family has its own family values. These values generally depend on their customs and traditions and their culture. However, there are some basic family values which are shared by almost all the families of the World. Some of these family values are:
• Respecting elders
• Integrity
• Hard work
• Stand by each other in difficult times
• Spending quality time
• Honesty
The family is considered as a school and family members as the teachers. A child learns a lot from the family. Schools do provide education on various subjects, but a child learns the basic social and moral values from the family. These values also help in building up the individual personality. It gives the better understanding of right and wrong.
A society is nothing but a group of families; hence families with strong moral and social values forms a strong society. It is important for every individual to understand the family values and reinforce it so that it can be transferred from generation to generation.