Tips for Corporate Trainers to Maximize Your Training Impact

Impactful training does not always have to be centered on the personality of the trainer, but there are things every trainer can do to improve their training and produce long lasting results. If you implement these five principles, your training will be more impactful.

Make it Easy – Studies show that people who try to work on more than 3-5 goals at once fail more often. A few simple and clear objectives will increase the likelihood your trainees will be successful in applying the concepts.

Learn Quicker and Practice Longer – The number one mistake trainers make is talking too much and confusing the trainees with too much information. The more successful trainers teach the basic concepts then release the trainees to practice what they just learned. If expected problems arise, the trainer can quickly use the situation as a teachable moment. Remember, the key to training is not the teaching but the doing.